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    Download Nepali Fonts Pack

    Nepali fonts are used to write Nepali & Hindi. It is very hard to find Nepali fonts online with packaged file. We have listed few fonts to download as pack or as individual files from Google Drive.

    Sometimes it is very hard to find, collect, manage fonts in new computer or formatted system. “Download Nepali Fonts” cant be the solution everytime where downloading individual files from different source can be time consuming so everyone needs shortcut. The real panic appears when someone sends with other Nepali fonts. The alternative way of Nepali Fonts is Unicode Nepali Typing which can be replaced by Google Input Tools, few fonts and web too have Nepali Unicode Typing facilities.

    Nepali fonts have no uniformity which changes the letters, signs and brings other errors. To overcome this situation we have to install the same fonts in our system.

    Top Nepali Fonts : Few list of Top Nepali Fonts


    Kantipur – Download Kantipur Font


    download kantipur font


    Preeti – Download Preeti Font


    download preeti font


    HimalB – Download Himalb Font


    download himalb font


    PCS Nepali – Download PCS Nepali Font



    Sagarmatha – Download Sagarmatha Font


    download sagarmatha font


    JDR Amrit – Download JDR Amrit Font


    download jdr amrit nepali font


    JDR Birendra – Download JDR Birendra Font


    dowload jdr birendra font


    Ananda Akshar – Download Ananda Akshar Font


    download ananda akshar font


    Download all Nepali Fonts – ZIP – Size 6.356 MB – Download Now


    Download JDR Fonts : Click Here

    jiwan dhoj rai fonts


    Explore All Fonts in Google Drive – Click Here


    Download Ananda Fonts – Click Here 

    download ananda fonts pack

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